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It was a moment of truth for Göran Ström and his team of hand protection specialists from Ejendals of Sweden. Standing on a baking hot racetrack in Monza, Italy, in spring 2017, his pulse beat faster, he prepared to introduce a new collection of soft, snug-fitting safety gloves for medium and light-duty industry to the European PPE market. 

Nimble, fast-working pit crews at Monza’s “Temple of Speed”, with TEGERA’s own racing team doing battle on the track, provided the ideal setting to present the high-performance TEGERA® Infinity™ range. The culmination of years of hard work, the glove collection combines proprietary manufacturing technology with exclusive new materials and 60 years of hand-protection know-how. The stakes were high. Not only did the new gloves need to be laps ahead of other precision work gloves on the market, they needed to convince a rather picky group of assembly, construction and other workers of their benefits. Typical sectors being targeted include the automotive, building and construction, MRO, machinery and equipment industry. In short, the pressure (and race) was on!

Overwhelmingly positive response
Now, six months on, Mr. Ström is breathing easier even if he’s still racing ahead with activities. “The overwhelmingly positive response in Italy was gratifying,” he recalls. “Our initial blind tests indicated that we had a superior product, but you never know until the rubber hits the ground.” According to the Ejendals Product Manager, demand for the gloves has exceeded all expectations. In the meantime, the company has received requests for gloves with touchscreen functionality, longer cuffs and even a fully coated model, all of which are now incorporated in four new versions, bringing the range from 7 initial models to 11.

Put on your second skin
The subject of all the talk – the TEGERA® Infinity™ collection – is a new generation of ultra-soft coated gloves designed and developed in Leksand, Sweden by Ejendals AB. According to the company, the whole idea behind the new collection was: “to develop a new generation of safety gloves so snug, comfortable and sensitive it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing gloves at all.”

The Infinity Feel
We call it the Infinity Feel,” says Marketing Director Jessica Arkinger. “That’s because you really can’t understand how comfortable they are until you experience them for yourself.” She is quick to add that the gloves are about a lot more than just comfort. “They’re also designed to keep workers safe and improve performance by offering ultra-thin dexterity, superb grip in wet or oily conditions and cut protection. It’s part of our efforts to realize a vision of Zero Injuries.” Revolutionary manufacturing technology According to Ejendals, the secret behind the “Infinity feel” is a proprietary new manufacturing process that combines state-of-the-art coating material with extra-soft and protective fibers. It’s a matter of getting the knit, dip and yarn working together to offer a level of smooth fingertip control and precision handling never seen before on the market.

Water-based PU coating
The dip itself is a unique blend of nitrile and water-based polyurethane (PU) that provides excellent flexibility, uncompromising protection and a superb fit. Nitrile is a synthetic latex-free rubber that offers a high level of sensitivity and good durability. The fact that the PU is water-based means that users can rest assured that no harmful solvents are present.

Widespread loyal following
Ejendals is no newcomer to developing, manufacturing and marketing high-end safety gloves. The familyowned company, with a staff of 600 and global operations, has specialized in safety gloves since 1949 and also owns the JALAS® brand of safety shoes. Over the years, TEGERA® gloves have built up an incredibly loyal following at thousands of worksites across Europe and the brand is gaining global momentum

A wide range of choices
To meet a range of needs, the new TEGERA® Infinity™ range is made available in 11 models – from very thin models to more cut-resistant versions. On the ultra-thin end of the scale are two “single dipped” 15gg gloves (8800, 8801) for precision work in dry to semi-dry conditions. Moving up a bit are three 18 gg “double dipped” models (8802, 8803, 8804) with nitrile foam in the dip mix to enhance grip in wet and oily work. For extra protection, two TDM LEVEL D cut-resistant models (8807, 8808) make use of our patented CRF fiber. These are now complemented by mid-range CRF TDM LEVEL B gloves (8805, 8806) as well as two new TDM LEVEL D gloves, one of which has an extra-long cuff (8811) for added wrist protection, including one fully coated model (8812).

Meeting the new EN 388 glove standards
All gloves in the TEGERA® Infinity™ collection meet the highest global safety standards. For example, they fulfill the OEKO-TEX® Standard, which ensures that the fabrics are free of harmful chemicals and safe for human use. In addition, where appropriate, they are marked and certified with the new, updated European Standards for mechanical risks, also called EN388:2016. This means they’ve been tested based on the Coup Test as well as the ISO 13997 standard, which requires testing on a TDM-100 machine for a more accurate measure of cut resistance.

More than just safety gloves
“Our ambition was to create a new collection that would not only enhance precision handling and comfort, but really add to workplace productivity and safety,” says Jan Lundmark, Global Sales & Marketing Director at Ejendals AB. “We work closely in long-term partnerships with end-users to jointly develop new products and services that really boost workplace productivity and safety. Innovation and a customer-focus is part of our DNA.”

Vision of Zero Accidents
According to Lundmark, Ejendals has long worked with a Zero Accidents ambition in all aspects of its operations. Together with its customers, the company has developed a special Safety Concept, including an Ejendals Academy that offers a range of courses for customers, partners and retailers every year.

Unique Safety Concept
”The Ejendals Safety Concept is something that many of our customers in Europe greatly appreciate. We collaborate very closely with them to find the right types of gloves for different applications and can show measureable results in terms of improved safety and productivity – something we constantly follow up on. Now, we’re excited to be bringing this way of thinking to the rest of the world,” concludes Jan Lundmark.

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